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Rick Weston

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Rick Weston has been steadfast in his rise to becoming one of the most recognizable figures in the art community. Whether it's his sorrowful protagonist 'Ivan' or the malicious 'Scarlett', Rick's characters have made their way into people's hearts and walls with his art. His start as a budding cartoonist began as early as he could hold pen to paper and since that time he has went on to continuously make his mark in the world. In 2015, he married the love of his life, Alisha Franks-Weston, a multi-talented illustrator with whom he has credited as his muse. Together the pair combined their efforts to win hearts over with their art. 

Alisha Weston

 Alisha Weston (Franks) was born and raised in Oklahoma and has had a yearning to create art since she was a very young girl. She likes to diverse herself in many different talents to keep her mind sharp and share her heart. She now is exposing her talents to the world through illustrating her feel good and amazing art. She married the man of her dreams, Rick Weston, in 2015, a fellow artist and comforter that has inspired and enlightened every corner of her soul.